Six objects in search of a story

Six objects

Instead of the five objects mentioned in the 2014 programme, we found ourselves with six this evening. Could today’s date have anything to do with that? Anyway, the aim, as ever, is to include each and every one of them in a significant way in a piece of writing for the next meeting. Good luck!

For clarification, the objects are as follows: a cycle helmet, a paint brush, a set of playing cards, a wooden letter opener, a jar of chilli powder and the X-ray of a foot.

Adjudication of Article Competition

RWG article adjudication 2014

The Jack Moss trophy was won this year by Susan Perkins for Nice Cup of Tea? in which she explored the history of our national beverage and appealed for everyone to consider the conditions endured by many tea pickers. Ethically sourced tea is widely available these days from organisations such as the Rain Forest Alliance and under the Fair Trade label.

Adjudicator John Lee, who’d given us an amusing account of his career in education and marvelled at how a retired physicist had been chosen to judge the competition entries,went on to award second place to Phil Cook. Phil’s Down With Holidays, a very tongue in cheek rant about the horrors of planning, preparation and travel, not to mention the frustrations often encountered at holiday destinations, struck a chord with us all.

A more serious piece took third place. Out Of Africa was a memoir by Joe Peters that interwove his own experience of teaching Afrikaaner children in The Hague with the establishment of the apartheid regime and the imprisonment and unexpected but widely acclaimed release many years later of Nelson Mandela.

John said that he had enjoyed reading all fourteen very different entries for the competition and congratulated the Group on the high standard of writing overall.

Christmas Event 2013

RWGparty41AudreyandJoe better shot

The annual award of the President’s Cup is supposed to be a closely guarded secret between the Secretary who adds up the points and the President. This posed quite a dilemma this year and a crafty ruse had to be employed to keep Joe in the dark until the presentation. Congratulations, Mr President!

Plenty of fun and games had taken place before the great moment. After a very tricky seasonal quiz, members read out the Christmas limericks they had composed for the event and then they and their guests were ‘persuaded’ to play Charades.

The buffet to which everyone had contributed was as good as ever and the drinks flowed all evening. Thanks were given to the Committee for organising the event and to the YMCA for taking care of us all year round.

A Blast From The Past

Previously entitled A Hint of History, the competition was judged this time around by Dorothy Penso of York Writers. A regular attender at The Writers’ Summer School in Swanwick, Dorothy gave a fascinating talk in August of this year on Facts and Customs about Death and Funerals. These have changed a great deal since Victorian times and, as a volunteer at York Cemetery and keenly interested in family, social and local history, Dorothy is well placed to know all about them!


Faced with the high standard of entries and wide variety of subject matter, Dorothy admitted that she had had great difficulty in picking the winners. However, a decision had to be made and she awarded the Mary Rawnsley Trophy to Maggie Cobbett for her poignant story The Soldier at the Window, set in the occupied Netherlands towards the end of WW2. Eileen Walters came second with The Silversmith, a true account of the visit to Ripon Cathedral in the 1960s of the craftsman whose first commission had been the silver lectern on the pulpit. Distressed to find it apparently tossed aside during restoration work, he returned later to find it back in pride of place where it belonged. The third placed entry was The War Games by Alma Williams, further details of which are currently unavailable and will be added later.

2013 AGM

It was almost all change this evening. After nine years on the Committee – three as Secretary, three as Vice Chair and three as Chair, Maggie Cobbett gave her final report and retreated gratefully to the back benches.

Joe Peters took over as President, leaving Audrey Blackburn free to take the Chair. Jan Maltby was elected Vice Chair and replaced as Secretary by Peter Page. Cathy Grimmer will continue as Treasurer and Susan Perkins will act as Members’ Member.

The formal business of the evening concluded, a lively discussion ensued about what members would like to see on next year’s programme. Watch this space!

RWG in Writers’ News

The feature below forms part of the WRITERS’ ROUND-UP page of the December 2013 issue of Writing Magazine/Writers’ News. (Formerly two separate publications, WM and WN are now stapled together.)

RWG anthology in WN

A morning with Nidderdale Writers

Nidderdale Writers with Maggie1

One of Maggie’s last acts as Chair was to accept an invitation to drive over to Pateley Bridge and speak to this flourishing group, some of whose members joined us in June for our Literary Allsorts evening.

There was a wonderful array of refreshments on offer, but – and this will come as no surprise to those who know her best – Maggie had so much to say that she didn’t manage to eat any of it and even let her coffee go cold!

Older Entries ยป

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